Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Current mood: empty

I should feel relieved that my two-year judging  course is over, but I only feel annoyed that my last paper didn't turn out as good as I expected and terrified that I will be asked to write some additions to it. The only explanation I have is that I got some severe case of oversaturation when writing, thinking and most of all correcting  written texts takes enormous amount of energy. My paper was ready a week ago, but I couldn't bring myself to read it again till tonight. The only thing I want is to make stupid and kitschy Christmas presents and knit a couple of scarfs, the longer the better.
This weekend my daughter insisted that we have quality time together and made arrangements for  cinema, restaurant and museum, the programme that caters for all tastes. In the Fashion Museum there was a retrospective exhibition of the Fashion academy and the famous "Six" graduates. The inflatable costume from the exhibition reminded me of my current state