Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Some years ago my son and me, we took Dutch phrases in Antwerp dialect and made funny words out of them such as "verwatena". Verwatena literally means"WHAT for?" but if we pronounced it with Russian accent, the word became unrecognizable and understandable only for two of us.
The funniest transformation was "Vatutina", that sounds like a perfectly Russian surname and in Antwerp dialect means Wat doet hij nu? (Wat is he doing? and if pronounced with the right intonation What the f.. is he doing?) Soon the unnecessary things became "verwatena", strange and wrong doings -"vatutina", and state of being helpless, puzzled and perplexed-"humutana". Trying to find the appropriate names for my new blogs in times when everybody blogs and has separate internet journals for different subjects-one for recipes, one for pet stories and photos, a couple of more for travel, hobby, family matters and so on and so forth, I was so frustrated to get the answer "This name is not available" that digging up these words seemed to be a good idea.
Humutana became active when I was invited to join a small group of quilters whose intentions were to start making art-quilt. I thought that along with showing my humble attempts in art quilt making I would write a little bit about what art-quilt is, post on importance of composition for absolute beginners and techniques that everybody can use without paying too much for master classes. Though sometimes I'll use the same pictures and ideas for both blogs, I'll try to keep them apart, because the readers are so very different, not to mention the language.
The thing I did in September 2011-joined the Quilt Judging Course-wasn't very obvious for me to do. I wanted to but this "what for" question didn't let me do it immediately when I first read the information on the QG website. I am happy I did and this blog will be a virtual part of my journal, in another , paperback journal I'll put things which are textured or nicely printed, or just look right on paper.

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