Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tatlin's Tower of London

The Whitechapel Gallery presents the project of a group of artists named Henry VIIIs wives.
The Wives who are apparently very much alive decided to accomplish the dreams of Russian artist Tatlin by building his Tower .Their works are certainly not as ambitious as Tatlin's and some of them look more like items from a museum shop. On the other hand the exhibition is a tribute to my famous compatriot and will attract attention to his creation that was planned to surpass Eiffel Tower in height and became equally symbolic as Babel Tower. The artists have been trying to bring back to life this unbuilt symbol of constructivism for several years.
I love the hairdo!

Textiles are also a part of the exhibition. Designed in Ghana and printed in Italy they repeat the elegant curvy lines of the Tower

Warning! The following images have no connection with the exhibition mentioned above whatsoever)) Isabella Baikova's quilt

Wim Delvoye 'Tower' lazer-cut steel

The great mosque of Samarra, Iraq, 9th century

Pieter Breugel's  Babel Tower, 1563

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