Monday, July 16, 2012

Chagall and Fechin

Last week in Moscow I had one day to catch up with capital's cultural life. There were many attractions but I visited two exhibitions in Tretyakov Gallery, because I was still doubting that I'd chosen the right painter for my composition essay. The exhibition of Chagall's graphics and paintings from private collections would suit the purpose of my essay but unfortunately taking photos was forbidden, even without a flash. The exhibition was quite interesting, because I had never seen his graphics before. It brought together all kinds of works of different periods of his life:portraits more abstract compositions, sketches and studies. Some of them were more impressive than the others, I also loved his textile collages and illustrations of Gogol's novels. A couple of photos I found on the internet.

As for the second exhibition-Portraiture of Nikolai Fechin (spelled also Feshin), it was superb. One of my favourites:

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