Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birds or chasing white heron

Every vacation I invent some goal to escape the boredom of being far from my working-room. It has been tasting muscats or choosing the best fish-soup all over the region, looking for himantopus, a little white bird with funny long legs. This year we happened to be in birds paradise of Somme basin and Loire river. The most clever, cautious and graceful bird-white heron is not easy to approach. It seems that the company of grazing cows or passing cars doesn't bother herons, but as soon as the car stops, window goes down and photo camera appears, off it goes. The grey heron is not a stranger to our koi pond and I saw the intruder very close. But the white one was much more difficult to watch. I took a lot of other pictures: landscapes, cows, swans but saw this bird only at a great distance.
The white heron could be in all the pictures but I was too late

And a couple of more pictures since I am writing about birds
This pigeon home is certainly the biggest I've ever seen, there is place for 1400 birds. This castle among the pigeonries is in Talcy. The pigeon definitely was one of the most popular dishes some centuries ago.

The interior of the pigeonry is as impressive as its exterior.

By the way , to have such a building was a privilege of castles' owners abolished completely only in 1848.

Swallow nests can be seen everywhere, under the roofs of all the castles. Talcy:

And Chambord, same swallows, same huge pigeonry

Cheverny has its "Fuye"built in 11th century as well

Here it is: a heron at a safe distance

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