Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Festival in Veldhoven

The second exhibition of our group in one month was a bit too much for me but everything was perfect this year in Veldhoven. Hanging of the competition quilts, light, organization. Lots of enthusiastic quilters, lots of friends who came to see the group's work, lots of feedback in form of critique and advice. At the end I am glad that I brought the collection to Veldhoven, there were some doubts before.


Hilde had a solo exhibition and brought new beautiful work

My friend Galina Kozulina 's quilt with stunning optical effect was selected for the exhibition in Berlin.
During the festival I met a nice man from Germany, Frank Guschmann, who made a lot of good quality photographs of the event and sent me a link to his album afterwards. I normally make a lot of pictures myself but not this time. All my time and energy went to telling stories about members of the group and their work to numerous visitors)). The majority of the public were Dutch quilters and they are very sociable and enthusiastic.
And my another friend, Corinne got a third prize in competition with her quilt "Peace"


  1. Het was een geweldige tentoonstelling. Altijd weer heel fijn je te ontmoeten. Ik heb fantastisch werk gezien bij jullie tentoonstelling, echt een groep waar potentie tussen zit. Het quiltje met de geverfde huisjes (door jou gemaakt) vond ik een van de beste, heel origineel.

  2. Corinne, nogmaals bedankt, ik zal jouw mening aan ge groep vertalen