Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am back

After three months of being extremely busy with coordinating dolls quilt exhibition, preparing my Procion Master classes and lecture on the history of textile for the "Tradition" festival, I am back to my art material essay. I have so much to say, that I am scared to bore the teachers, moreover, I don't rely on any expert opinions or special books for that matter. Will my conclusions be commonplace or far fetched? Shall I go to the libraries to seek help or take the risk and leave it as it is. In the meantime, while considering these two approaches, I am trying to start using Photoshop to make collages based on my picture collections. Very convenient to use a collage instead of putting dozens of photographs one after another on the website or blog.
I love rusty objects, state of decay and disrepair,except in my own house. But this is probably my karma: love ruins-live in ruins))

Bon courage pour la peche (lucky fishing!) is written on the rusty surface, the first photograph

Ropes ans nets weathered and torn but still very picturesque

I was also curious how the sailors ropes could inspire artists and architects. The interior of one of the sake bars in Melbourn is decorated with manila ropes (

"The bridge" by Simon Starling (

And last, but not least The patterned Concrete Wall by Dany Marti

more of this artist

What a long way one should go from a pile of neglected fishermen nets on the shore to the beautifully patterned wall structures. Chapeau!

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