Monday, February 20, 2012

Monique Donckers

I would like to write more about this woman, I love her work and can't imagine Antwerp without these guys. They were discovered by my inquisitive daughter when she first came to visit. There are five of them, I'll make a  photo tomorrow.

There is one more work which impressed me - Buddy, placed underwater in a lake. The lake is a couple kilometers from my home and I walked my dog around it hundreds of times. Only divers of a local club can see the sculpture. I couldn't make the photos myself, I am not a diver, they are from this site.

Placement is crucial for Monique's works. She inhabits our environment with her figures, they grow in the gardens or descend in the ground (that depends from which side you look at them), they stare intensely from the depths of waters. They are often in groups of three or four, lacking details, lacking clothes,  lacking pedestals, like the "Calais citizens", extraterrestrials among the humans around. I don't know why, I want to cry, when I see them.

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