Saturday, August 25, 2012


Discharge is what I sometimes do, but still can't always predict the result. I use some nameless product from local supplier which I mix with thickener and chemical water. Determined to master the technique I started experimenting again. This time I cut wallpaper to make a resist and stitched the motives to the fabric. It was the most unpleasant work to do but I didn't dare to iron freezer paper instead.

After I got the result I thought I might give freezer paper a chance, the fabric got discoloured under the holes from the stitches resulting in rows of white dots.

I quite like the result, though I expected more contrast between the coloured and discharged areas. May be the discharge paste didn't work to its full capacity, I can never wait for 24 hours before I start ironing.


  1. Wonderful piece of fabric! I LOVE it.
    I've never tried discharging, I wonder if normal bleach could do the work.
    Happy discharging!

  2. Wow, a visitor who actually commented on my blog!))) If you need advice, I will readily help. The bleach does its work, but I feel that I have less control with it and it smells terribly, my skin doesn't like it as well.